Aluminium Division

Production Made in Roda

RodaALU represents the innovation’s essence of Rodasteel Corporation and its ability to look to the future. The Corporation has started a customized niche production, aimed at continuous improvement, which has always been Rodasteel Corporation’s goal. This new production line represents a significant step towards industrial excellence. Thanks to the group’s know-how and experience in metal industry, RodaALU is a tribute to Rodasteel Corporation’s successful history but also a symbol of its commitment to the future: a meeting point of tradition and innovation, through which Rodasteel Corporation reaffirms its leading role in industry, projecting itself toward new horizons with the new aluminium production range.

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ALUWeld, a product line dedicated to the welding of aluminium, designed to offer the maximum resistance and reliability in the junctions.

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ALUMech is a range of product designed for the production of mechanical components, parts of machinery and structures requiring a reliable and long-lasting material.

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Why RodaALU?

Internal production

Manteining entire production allows the company to controll the perfomance looking for the continous improvement.

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One of RodaALU’s strengths is precisely the essential and necessary customisation made possible by in-house product development and by MADE IN RODA production.

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The several distribution plants guarantee a rapid availability, satisfying the requirements of an immediate supply and an efficient on-site service.

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The company’s strategy focuses on two indispensable points: the scrupulous selection of raw materials and centralised production.

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The rigorous controls in every phase of the production process, starting from the raw material to the finished product, guarantee constant quality level.

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Aluminium, thanks to its natural recyclability and to its excellent properties, plays a crucial role in the promotion of eco-compatible productive practices.

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Aluminium: a strategic material for the future

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Application sectors

RodaAlu vision extends to the search of new aluminium applications, with the aim to expand the group’s presence in key sectors and emerging markets at the same time.

Innovation and Ambition

RodaAlu has been developed through careful strategic planning and a substantial investment in advanced manufacturing technologies. The division is known for its use of cutting-edge equipment and the support of a skilled team dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality and performance at every step of production.

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